Zionist AntiFa

       Antifas infiltrated by undercovers & Mossad?

Is it simply controlled opposition?

Is the equal raise of the far right & far left a coincidence?

Has Black Bloc hijacked a real Anti Fascism group to become Antifa? 

By Dai Dream

Little Boys and Girls!

The majority of Antifa are of a young age apart from the mature ones who most likely are the Police and Intelligent Agency handles but more on that later. This group was not raised on books and intellectual conversations, they are raised on Facebook memes. Surrounded in their echo chamber on Facebook who live in constant fear of being offensive to their “Friends” extreme sensitivity a disease called Political Correction or Identity Politics. They are terrorised incase they are outed and persecuted by their “friends” being called “Racist” or “Fascist”. They coward to the memes like little boys and girls without dare questioning what are these memes, who created them, how do they emotionally manipulate me and why. For sure they are not thinking that these memes where originated from intelligent agencies and police like in Operation Mockingbird which was carried out by CIA from the 1950's till this today, where they manipulated Newspapers and News Channels in America for their own propaganda.

“Only a fool would let his enemy teach his children” Malcolm X

They do not protest but they “Counter protest” peaceful protests violently, they behave like children throwing out their dummies and toys out of their pram because they can not have their own why. They shout and scream foul language because swearing is “cool”, they scream simplistic words like “Nazi” without any intellectual substance, they refuse to listen to anyone who is on the opposite side. They kick out and punch out like a child having a tantrum. They throw bottles of piss and shit at people, they sucker punch people including woman and old men, committing acts that by the dictionary term are classified as terrorism. In fact at time of writing this there has been a White House online petition to get Antifa recognized as a terrorist organization with 105,545 signatures. They constantly attack independent journalists and form hit squads and arrange violent attacks on them through social media. Then Antifa cry victim when they come out worse then the people they are violently attacking because in all cases documented on youtube videos it is always Antifa who are the aggressor, in no way can they claim they are acting in Self Defence, they are always the violent aggressor.

“We are peaceful people, we are loving people. We love everybody who loves us. But we don’t love anybody who doesn’t love us. We’re nonviolent with people who are nonviolent with us. But we are not nonviolent with anyone who is violent with us.” Malcolm X

They dress up as children do in black outfits, capes, backpacks and masks pretending that they are supper heroes getting the bad guys, but never questioning how easy it would be for agent provocateurs to join in and provoke a violent scene and create false flags. As what we saw at the Berkeley playground and Charlottesville the police all of a sudden disappear from the scene, the barrier which the police created to separate these two violent hooligan groups from hurting each other vanish and the acts of violence commence, of course there is always a photographer to capture the violent scene for riot porn addicts and to be used as propaganda for both sides in the media.

“The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” Malcolm x

Identity Politics

If you disagree with Antifa the gate keepers of moral, left ,liberal and right they call you names like “Racist” “fascist:” or “Nazi” without any understanding of those words and any understanding on why their dialect has become so dumb down to Facebook memes and phases. The idea that you can shout and scream someone into coming round to your way of thinking is ludicrous, the idea that you can use violence to force someone to believe in the same political view as you is childish. This Identity Politics “I am a gay....I am a woman....I am a Antifa...I am a Trump supporter....I am a...” and if you do not identify as that then you are a racist or fascist makes no sense. People in this world have different ideas, political views, religious views, all experiencing their own reality through their own existence and it does not make them bad or open to be violently attacked because YOU Antifa disagree, this is called Fascism. A term that you claim you appose but instead you personify it, that is your true identity you are the Sturmabteilung Nazi Brown Shirts of today.

“It"s good to keep wide-open ears and listen to what everybody else has to say, but when you come to make a decision, you have to weigh all of what you"ve heard on its own, and place it where it belongs, and come to a decision for yourself; you"ll never regret it. But if you form the habit of taking what someone else says about a thing without checking it out for yourself, you"ll find that other people will have you hating your friends and loving your enemies.” - Malcolm X

What Fascists

Why is it that Antifa never attack the real Fascists? Why are they obsessed with MacDonald Trump like their favourite comic book character, they constantly post cartoon drawings degrading him on social media. I am no Trump supporter but there are things called class, respect and not everything he says and does is wrong, life is not that simple. Why do Antifa never attack George W Bush or Tony Blair who sent the world into a war with Iraq on lies, destroying a whole country bigger then France killing over a million people is that not fascist. Why do Antifa not attack Obama who bombed 7 countries and destroyed Libya forever was that not fascist, Why do Antifa not attack Benjamin Netanyahu and his fascist state called “Israel” but more on that later. These little boys and girls shout their big mouths but never go after the big guys the real murdering fascists. The merging state and corporation powers are right in front of us, globalisation, multi nationalism and corporate monopolies but Antifa are silent. With free speech being taking away and internet censorship by international global corporations like Google and Facebook where are Antifa is this not fascist? The Banksters like Rothschilds playing government and countries like puppets for their own evil gains but of course according to Antifa this is not fascist. What about the Police killing on a daily basis is this not fascism. Their version of “Fascism” is immature, simplistic and no real understanding of the word Fascism.

“During the day you where blind deaf and dumb, ignorant, politically immature naturally you went along with that. But the day your eyes come open and you develop political maturity you are able to see and think for yourself “ Malcolm x

False History

Antifa like to claim that they have been fighting “Nazis” since 1933 even though most Antifa members today was only born in the late 1990's or 2000's, the connection to 1933 is ludicrous. Yes there was a group called Antifasciste in 1933 but that group with a flag that Antifa stole ended most of there activities before 1950's. The flag that Antifa use interestingly seems to be flying in the opposite direction as the flag from Antifaciste 1933 from left to right, which I think is kinda symbolic in itself. What we now know as Antifa today was actually created in the 2000's during the occupy movement in America merging Anonymous groupies with Blac Bloc (agent provocateurs). Most likely it was instantly infiltrated by CIA and FBI from the start if it was not indeed created by them in the first place. If you look at Antifascists and Antirascists groups in England, it has now come out that many of these groups was indeed infiltrated by intelligent agencies or the MET Police, the perfect example of this would be Mark Kennedy who also worked for the FBI, the other one would be Bob Lambert.

“History is a peoples memory and without a memory, man is demoted to the lower animals”- Malcolm x

Supporting white supremacy

I first came aware of the Zionist and Antifa connection about 2 years ago when I started to be called antisemtic by members of Antifa from Liverpool, I was researching into some of their members who are leading the group as possible Merseyside Police assets such as undercovers and informants. The accusations of being Racist and anti-Semitic seemed very random and they could not back up their claims despite me begging them to show me how they came to those conclusions. At that moment I relaised that this is the same behaviour of Zionists an all white european supremacy group , so I went down the rabbit hole pushed a few reactionary buttons on their social media pages and wallah, the stench of Zionist scum became so obvious I could not ignore.

This all white european supremacy group, an armed militia who commits acts of occupation, genocide and committed many holocausts (English dictionary definition of holocaust) in the middle east. This Military fascist state created by the Rothschild banking cartel known as “Israel” is never mentioned by Antifa, infact they condemn groups defending themselves from the white supremacy group such as Iran, Hezbollah, Syria and Hamas. They hijacked the Refugee crises turning it into a black and white racial issue but no mention about the concentration camps....i mean detention camps in “Israel” where they keep 50,000 African Jews, no mention of this white supremacy group forcefully sterilising Africans, no mention of this Aparthide “Israeli” State which is worse then Nazis Germany could ever have been.

They are not protesting against “Israeli” embassies or corporation that support “Israel”, no counter protests to the “Celebrate Israel Parade” In New York where 1000's of Zionists turned up draped in “Israeli” flags, in fact they oppose protests that are pro Palestinians like the Al Quds Day because they are afraid of a Hezbollah flag. But they support the Kurds, infact some Antifa claim that their members are fighting the Syrian army who are fighting the NATO, “Isreali” backed ISIS....and this has nothing to do with the Greater Israel Project of course.

They are obsessed with the Holocaust just like the Zionists are, always pulling the card, along with the Hitler card. If you go on their social media pages its just full of anti hitler cartoons as if fascism was created by Hitler, as if Hitler is relevant to any of out lives today. Its a religion that all Antifa members have to follow, you are not allowed to question history. Anyone who disagrees with Antifa has to be a Nazi its just that simple.

During the rise of Antifa they have been supported and propandad by VICE which is owned by Rupert Murdoch who is a Zionist Neo Con, a real Nazi. But worse then that is VICE as you guessed has strong connections to “Israel” the perfect example of this would be how VICE supported the far right Tommy Robinson EDL Rebel Media gang tour of the white european supremacy occupation of Palestine. Even worse then that VICE is supported by SiTE Intelligence Group which is a well known MOSSAD front where all the fake ISIS beheadings come from. One of the writers for VICE is the creator of SiTE named Rita Katz.

But Antifa has a few things in common with the Nazis apart from the obvious they are are manly an all white race group, but they are a Fascist group just like the Nazis. They practice book burning like the Nazis, they violently protest against people who happen to have different views and understanding as them such as intellectual Jews or Jewish authors infact they attack anyone who speaks out against “Israel” especially if you are Jewish. If you go online you see many pictures and videos of Israeli flags side by side to Antifa Flags from America to Holland, it does not take a genius to workout who are the puppet masters here

“These Israeli Zionists religiously believe their Jewish God has chosen them to replace the outdated European colonialism with a new form of colonialism, so well disguised that it will enable them to deceive the African masses into submitting willingly to their "divine" authority and guidance, without the African masses being aware that they are still colonized” Malcolm x

Divide and Conquer

Antifa is a group being used by governments and intelligent agencies in order to bring chaos and disorder amongst the disaffected youth with agent provocateurs they encourage them commit mindless acts of violence. They are used by “Israel” to attack anyone who opposes Zionism especially intellectuals, authors, comedians and musicians. They attack the alternative media if they do not support Antifa. They are used to bring in censorship and more of the police state, taking away more of out rights and freedoms. They do this all under the guise of “Anti fascism”

With the equal raise of the far left and far right people must be thinking is this not controlled opposition, divide and conquer by the real fascists that rule over us. Not one member of Antifa would dare explore this concept. Put Trump in power, agitate the left which agitates the right and sit back and watch the chaos start, a MOSSAD quote sums it up “By way of deception thou shalt do war” or a freemason quote “Order out of Chaos “

These so called Progressives such as Antifa say they want diversity but they are destroying it with political correctness, they say they want equality but they don't. Equality says we are going to judge what people are by what they say and do. So the color of their skin is irreverent their religion is irrelevant, their political party views are irreverent, their income brackets is irrelevant because we are going to judge people by their behaviour but Antifa judge based on their own definitions of what is right and what is wrong.

Antifa needs to look in the mirror and ask it not who is the prettiest of them all but some questions about the way they behave and act, why do they behave in elf indulges, self obsession, virtue signalling. Surly anyone with an independent thought will understand that Communism and fascism is different names for the same centralised Tyranny .

The government, intelligent agencies and the presstitutes have created a situation where people are being offered two extremes, one extreme being promoted as progressive (Antifa) and the other one as far right Nazis. The people on both sides that really do appose fascism and racism and want to avoid a civil war or a race war have to start speaking out and not being manipulated by these two groups. The same hidden hand controlling Antifa co called antifascist group of the so called far left and groups of the far right so called white supremacist Nazis are both being played off against each other. People have to start speaking up fast and calling out their extremists, agent provocateurs and Zionist handlers because if they don't civil war and race war is what will happen.

Antifa and the Far Right they are being played like a violin and they need to grow the fuck up! We need maturity to sort out our problem and not childish acts, we need the Malcolms and Hueys, I am always on the side of the truth

“I'm for truth, no matter who tells it. I'm for justice, no matter who it's for or against”- Malcolm X



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Antifa support pedophiles? 


Antifa Attacking the Disabled in Wheelchairs


Antifa attack Black people

Noam Chomsky: ‘Antifa is Wrong in Principle — a Major Gift to the Militant Right’ http://thefreethoughtproject.com/chomsky-antifa-gi...

why the deep state is enabling violent fringe groups like Antifa 2 manufacture false flag events”


Some unknown history

43 Group

the 43 Group was an English "Anti fascist" group set up by "Jewish" ex-servicemen after WW2. The Group members broke up "far right" meetings, infiltrated fascist groups, and attacked the fascists in street fighting (football hooliganism)

member such as Vidal Sassoon joined the group in 1947, and joined the IDF to participate in the genocide of the Palestinians in 1948.

62 Group

The 62 Group was a militant broad-based coalition of  "anti fascists" in London. It was set up in 1962 an offshoot from the 43 Group to protect the state of Israel

Anti-Fascist Action

Anti-Fascist Action (AFA) was a militant anti-fascist organization founded in the UK in 1985. It is not the same as Antifa, being anti Antifa does not mean you are a fascist. you can still be anti fascist and anti antifa at the same time because they are not the same identity.


Some former elements from AFA regrouped to form militant anti-fascist group No Platform in 2002 and others later in Antifa in 2004. Antifa, largely dominated by anarchists, has imitated AFA's stance of physical and ideological confrontation with fascists and has a policy of non-co-operation with Searchlight or any other state-linked agencies. The IWCA continues to run for election in certain areas and has a small number of councillors.

Antifasists  (what we know today as Antifa)

Seems to have started from Occupy movement in America in the 2004 from Black Bloc, Anonymous and uneducated "anarchists". This groups is heavily influenced by agent provocateurs and Zionism at least this is what i have discovered


Interesting Flags


A little bit of French

The Death of Free Speech in France?

by Gearóid Ó Colmáin

Every year the French communist Party ( PCF) organizes the Fête de

l’Humanité in Paris, a left-wing festival where concerts are held and

communist parties from all over the world erect stands to exchange

books, pamphlets and ideas. Many authors, journalists and intellectuals

are invited every year to participate in debates on philosophy, culture,

politics and current affairs.

But this year will probably be remembered for the important debates the attendees of the festival were not allowed to have.  Two authors, Belgian theoretical physicist Jean Bricmont and French author Caroline Fourest, were forced to cancel their talks due to intimidation and threats from  organisations calling themselves “Antifa” and “Indigènes de la République”, respectively.

Caroline Fourest is a pro-Israeli reactionary who masquerades as a “left-wing” feminist.  Her invitation to the festival to discuss the rise of Islamic extremism and the French far right upset many on the left.

Reactionary and islamophobic Fourest most certainly is, but preventing her from speaking not only gives credence to her erroneous theories but violates her constitutional right to freedom of speech.

When Fourest was about to speak the dangers of Islamic extremism and the rise of the Front National, France’s far right party, a group calling themselves “lesIndigènes de la République” entered the tent where Fourest was speaking and began to throw objects on the stage. Some protestors even attempted to assault her.

Soon the tent was occupied by the protestors who shouted slogans against racism and islamophobia. The protestors proceeded to occupy the stage whereupon the audience shouted back “liberté d’expression!” (freedom of expression). The confrontation between the conference attendees and protestors continued for about 20 minutes with each side calling the other “fascist”.

The “Indigènes de la République” protestors won out, however, when the debate was cancelled and Caroline Fourest was escorted by bodyguards to a nearby vehicle.

The following day Belgian physicist, author and intellectual Jean Bricmont was due to give a far more important talk on the crisis in Syria and the specious discourse of “humanitarian intervention”   propagated by the mainstream media to justify wars of aggression.

For many years, Bricmont has been a critic of the politics of military interventions undertaken under the pretext of protecting “human rights”. Bricmont’s heresy on this issue and his anti-Zionism has made him a pariah in the fashionable salons of France’s “respectable” intelligentsia.

The Belgian physicist’s unequivocal anti-imperialist stance has also made him the target of a vile defamation campaign on the internet and in the mainstream French media where he has been called a “rouge-brun” , a brown-shirt red, a “confusioniste” etc.

Furthermore, the more extremist fringes of the internet’s thought-police have singled out Bricmont for special attention. A few days prior to the fête de l’Humanité, an “anti-fascist” anarchist organization called Antifa launched a campaign on Indymedia against Bricmont’s attendance at the festival, where they threatened to assault him if he spoke about humanitarian intervention. In the insane world of Antifa activism, Bricmont’s opposition to NATO-fomented terrorism in Libya and Syria makes him a “fascist”.

Antifa is just one of the  international anarchist groups currently being used by the intelligence agencies of imperialist states to sow confusion and chaos among the ranks of disaffected youth, inciting them to mindless, violent acts that serve the agenda of an ever- encroaching police state. This organization, in particular, targets intellectuals who denounce Zionism as well as alternative media outlets which expose the mechanisms and institutions that promote US imperialism throughout the world. It does all this under the guise of “anti-fascism”.

Due to the simple-mindedness of their beliefs and stupidity of their actions, Antifa tend to attract naïve and angry youths who turn up at demonstrations in black hoodies in order to provoke police crackdowns and sabotage any meaningful resistance to the current political order. In other words, Antifa are a group of useful idiots, whose real agenda is to promote fascism under the guise of “anti-fascism”.

Bricmont was informed of their campaign and asked the management of the festival to provide him with appropriate security. The festival managers assured the Belgian scientist that he would have protection. However, one hour before Bricmont was about to speak, he received notification that the talk was cancelled.  The violent threats of the Antifa  agents provocateurs provided Pierre Laurent, general secretary of the PCF with the perfect pretext to cancel Bricmont’s heretical lecture. Allowing Bricmont to speak would have shown up the PCF for the right-wing, imperialist sham that they are in the eyes of their ever dwindling supporters.

The festival management had decided they could not provide security for Belgian physicist in the event of an attack by the “Antifa” protestors.  However, the pro-war, pro-Israeli pundit Caroline Fourest was provided with full protection by the festival management, in spite of similar threats having been made against her.

This was hardly surprising, considering that the l’Humanité newspaper was the organizer of the festival. L’Humanité has given full support to NATO’s destabilization of Syria since violence broke out there last year, publishing the same war propaganda as its “right-wing” competitors.

According to the PCF’s international affairs spokesman Jacques Fath, the only solution for peace is Syria is the fall of Assad.  Fath, of course, made no mention of NATO’s death squads, who have been killing both innocent civilians and security forces since March 2011, facts that have even been verified by many independent journalists and admitted by the Arab league’s observer mission.

Neither of Syria’s communist parties was invited to the festival.  Both the Communist Party of Syria(Bakdash) and the Communist Party of Syria (Faisal Aka Unified) won 11  seats in the parliamentary elections that followed the implementation of Syria’s  new democratic constitution in May this year.

Both parties have consistently denounced NATO and Gulf-state fomented terrorism against their country since the outbreak of violence in Daraa in 2011. Neither party was allowed to erect a stand at the French communist festival. Instead representatives of the pro-war Syrian opposition were represented.

Those who believe that Jean Luc Melanchon’s Front de Gauche (the French “far left” party which one 11 percent of the vote in last year’s parliamentary elections) represents some form of alternative to the status quo, would do well to remember that Melanchon and the Front de Gauche SUPPORTED NATO’s intervention in Libya last year.  This is an organization which claims to oppose NATO. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The supporters of Melanchon- a demagogue who likes to prop up his left-wing credentials by pretending to support president Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and other centre-left governments in Latin America- do not seem to realize that the ALBA countries all supported Libya’s colonel Gaddafi last year and now openly declare their support for President Bachar al-Assad in his struggle against NATO, and Gulf-state funded terrorism.

While President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela sought to mediate in the Libyan crisis in 2011 in order to prevent military aggression against the country, a mediation welcomed by the Libyan government- and which could have prevented war- they received absolutely no help from Jean Luc Melanchon, who now vaunts himself as an anti-imperialist. Melanchon is a dastardly liar and a political fraud of the highest order.

One would not have to be a physicist like Jean Bricmont to see and understand the horrible reality of NATO’s proxy war in Syria, but what an inconvenient interruption it would have been if the would-be communists of this year’s festival were to be confronted with the naked, mephitic truth about NATO’s humanitarian wars, and the left-wing dupes who support them. Bricmont had to be silenced.

France’s “extrême gauche” are nothing more than a contemptible, motley crew of cowards, liars and fools, whose inflated egos and vacuous slogans adequately reflect the all-pervasive cynicism of the corrupted petty-bourgeois class they represent.

But there is another reason for Bricmont’s ostracism from respectable French society; he is a scientist who is capable of applying critical thought to everyday issues that affect the common citizen. In other words, unlike his elitist and conformist colleagues in academia, for whom, peer –reviewed papers, tenure and social respectability count more than epistemic truth, Bricmont represents the type of scientist capable of applying his microscope to the laws that govern civil society; laws whose  flagrant violation by Western governments the neo-scholastic monks of postmodern academia conveniently ignore.

In the days following the festival Caroline Fourest’s expulsion was widely bruited in the French mainstream media, who vociferously denounced the violation of her “freedom of expression”.

Fourest is one of the most prominent propagandists for the New World Order, and such is her ubiquity across the French media complex, that she has become a household name.  The war-mongering Fourest has been presented as a martyr of human rights, feminism and free speech, thanks to the useful idiots of Antifa. Needless to say, the war-mongering harpies of France’s mainstream media made no mention of the violation of Jean Bricmont’s freedom of speech.

If Fourest, Antifa, the PCF, Front de Gauche and the entire pseudo-leftist French establishment had their way, Bricmont and his ilk would never again be allowed to speak in a public platform. For what he has to say would expose them for the fakers, imperialist collaborators and loud-mouthed nincompoops that they are.

Those activists who admire and those who detest Caroline Fourest can scream “fascist” to one another to their heart’s content in their zany, infantile theatre of the absurd. But it is they who are opening the path for a seizure of power by the extreme right in this country, as the real fascists in Marine Le Pen’s Front National will easily capitalize on their buffoonery. For, who can blame a simple working class voter for being seduced by the mendacious arguments of Marine Le Pen when there are none but prattling fools to oppose her?

This is not the first time genuine anti-war activists were prevented from speaking in France. Michel Collon, a Belgian journalist, author and editor of a news and analysis website InvestigAction was prevented from speaking at the Bourse du Travail in Paris on November 9 th 2011 by the Antifa agents provocateurs. These groups serve the imperialist state by preventing the public from engaging in serious debate about France’s foreign wars.

Other political organizations which have been attacked by  the “Antifa” agents provocateurs are the URCF, l’Union de Révolutionaires -Communistes de France and the PRCF, Pole de la Renaissance Communiste en France.

These organizations have some former heroes of the French Resistance among their members, real fighters against fascism. The president of the PRCF is Léon Landini, a combatant in the French resistance during the Second World War, who was responsible for the killing of over 40 Nazi soldiers, the destruction of 300 Nazi vehicles and dozens of attacks against Nazi railway carriages. The URCF and PRCF are now the main political organizations in France militating for the construction of a real communist party.

Unlike the fakers in the Front de Gauche, PCF, NPA and other organizations, the URCF and PRCF have given their full support to the Syrian communist parties of Syria in their fight against fascist aggression by NATO and the Petro-monarchies of the Gulf states and have unequivocally denounced the lies and disinformation against Syria of the reactionary French press.

It is one of the most egregious propaganda achievements in recent history that those who expose the lies that trick the public into perceiving wars of aggression as humanitarian operations are denounced as “fascists”, while those who bang the drums of war are considered to be “left-wing” and “progressive”. This is the general pattern set by the French media complex and genuine anti-imperialist intellectuals have paid the price.

The censorship of Jean Bricmont by the left liberal establishment is deeply indicative of the perilous direction French society is currently taking. It is the road to a new form of totalitarianism, where critical thought is murdered by platitudes,empty, effete slogans, and the meaningless newspeak of the ruling group mind.

The unconscionable, dishonest and dastardly behavior of the petty bourgeois leftists, if unchecked, will inevitably lead to a grim dénouement in this tragic-comic farce that is contemporary France.

Gearóid Ó Colmáin can be reached at: gaelmetro@yahoo.ie.

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The Religion 

The Holocaust Religion is "Antifa" . You are not allowed to question history or events recorded by the victors of wars. Great researchers and academics who are also Jews are being censored and being violent attacked by the "antifa" brown shirts.

Antifas ALWAYS play the Holocaust card just like the dirty Zionists but they never mention Nakba Day. I wonder why?


Attacking another Jewish man who speaks out against Israel


Throwing Piss and Shit

Throwing piss and shit at independent journalists, Luke Rudkowski is part Jewish (Antifia don't like Jews only Zionists) . similar to the CIA clowns in Venezuela in the CIA Coup of the country. Also similar to "Israel" spraying Putrid Liquid at protesters in the West Bank https://www.davidicke.com/article/185922/84085-cra...

And if you disagree that throwing piss and shit is disgusting like i did, they will call you racist lol and a cry baby?


Antifa ordering Hits just like what they did to me



Attacking Comedians that are Pro Palestinian  and support Jews



VICE is basically the PR firm for "Antifa", VICE is owned by Rupert Murdoch is a Zionist. The MOSSAD PR firm for ISIS and Al Qaeda is called SiTE, this website promotes VICE! infact the director of SiTE writes for VICE!! but nothing to see here lol http://www.globalresearch.ca/who-is-behind-the-isl...


Zionist George Soros Funded 



Antifa are authoritarian, dictators and totalitarian 


Israel Personifies fascism but Antifa are silent on Israel

Israel Has Been Infected by the Seeds of Fascism, Says ex-Prime Minister Ehud Barahttp://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/1.720715?v=F5A6...


Neo-fascists Threaten the West. In Israel They've Already Arrived
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Policies of Israel & Antifa

Israel Foreign Policy 

* Anti Hamas

* Anti Hezbollah

*Anti Assad 

*Anti Iran

* Pro Nazi Ukrainian Government

* Support the Kurds 

* Anti Russia/Putin

* Covertly secretly Supports Migration of none Europeans into Europe (refugee crises) 

* Support the FSA in Syria

Antifa Foreign Policy 

* Anti Hamas

* Anti Hezbollah

*Anti Assad 

*Anti Iran

* Pro Nazi Ukrainian Government

* Support the Kurds 

*Anti Russia/Putin

* Supports Migration of none Europeans into Europe (refugee crises)

* Support the FSA in Syria

You can have a personal and political opinion on any of the 9 policies mentioned above in fact I myself agree with some of the above policies but as an organization such as Antifa to share the exact identical foreign policy as Israel you have to question who are they working for? it is for sure not working for Palestine

All these polices is to build the Greater Israel Project 


Refugees in Palestine are not important according to Antifa

Why has Antifa been obsessed over the Refugee Crises? Why does Antifa think that Fascism is personified by refugees and immigration? Was Antifa fighting the fascist governments and organizations such as NATO against the wars they started in the middle east that created the refugee crises in the first place? The real Fascist are in government not paid football hooligans from Poland. 

What does Antifas know about Nakba Day? Do they know that the Migration and Refugee crises is part of a Zionism war on Europe http://www.gearoidocolmain.org/zionism-imperialism...


Refugees in Israel never talked about by Antifas

Israel gave birth control to Ethiopian Jews without their consent http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-eas...

200,000 Asylum Seekers in  Israel Immigration Detention http://www.globaldetentionproject.org/countries/mi...

Israeli government to pay African refugees $3,500 to leave http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/israeli-government-to-pay-african-refugees-3500-to-leave-10253318.html

Israel keeps making, not taking, more refugees http://www.middleeasteye.net/columns/israel-s-ethn...

Israel May Be Trafficking Former Eritrean Slaves https://warisboring.com/israel-may-be-trafficking-...

Israel labels asylum seekers as infiltrators https://www.sott.net/article/303945-Go-back-to-Afr...

Israel trafficking human organs from Refugees http://www.salon.com/2015/12/05/selling_desperate_...

Palestinian refugees https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palestinian_refugees

Some 450,000 refugees are registered with UNRWA in Lebanon, with many living in the country's 12 refugee camps. Palestine refugees represent an estimated ten per cent of the population of Lebanon.


Break down of more policies 

 Don't worry Palestine, Hamas can disarm and the Antifas will stop Israel from occupying Gaza  

Dont forget that Hitler created Hamas...even tho Hamas was created in the 1980's by Israel out of the Muslim Brotherhood. Hitler and the Nazi party died like 30 years before the creation of Hamas, not sure how Merseyside AntiFas can say Nazis had connections to Hamas (They seem to be happy to try and link Nazis to Hamas but would never link Hitler to Zionists)

Don't worry Lebanon, Hezbollah can disarm Israel will never take your land, the Antifas will defend your boarder from Israel  

Don't worry Iran,  Antifas want to take down your government like what the CIA did, what can go wrong 

Antifas supporting the Kurds is also an Israel foreign policy. Israel are using the Kurds like they have always been used and this time they are being used to Divide Syria/Iraq. See link " Turkey FM Condemns Israeli 'Plan' to Support PK" http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/turkey-fm-conde...

Don't worry Syria Antfas will defend you from ISIS (which was created by Israel & co ) 

Israeli Special Forces Unit under Neo-Nazi Command Involved in Maidan Riots along with Antifa? http://www.jta.org/2014/02/28/news-opinion/world/i...

Don't worry attacking Russia and Putin has nothing to do with Israel of course. Israel is not ISIS air support and Israel is against ISIS....really?  

Israel Support to Al Qaeda Rebels: New Free Syrian Army (FSA) Commander Trained in Israel http://www.globalresearch.ca/israel-support-to-al-...

They say i support terrorists which is fine i do support armed Resistance groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas fighting the Zionists however Antifa in Liverpool and Manchester seem to be very hypocritical since they support terrorists groups such Al Qaeda in Syria known as the FSA (http://www.globalresearch.ca/israel-support-to-al-...) and another classified terrorist group the PKK (http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/turkey-fm-conde...)which is funny enough also supported by Israel. so i can only like the terrorists Antifas like, i can't like any other terrorists groups  

and none of this behavior is supremacy or slightly fascist and if you criticize Antifas you are bullied and called racist and anti Semitic reminds me of people that speak out against Israel but thats ok.

Antifas is just another division of the Anti Defamation League, an Israeli tool to silence the Palestinians against the most racist fasci st and anti Semitic state in the history of mankind 



Israeli lovers and undercover police infiltration in Antifa

Police are well known to have infiltrated Anti Fascist groups, in this case it was October 1993 a counter protest against the BNP. The undercover was Peter Francis 

here is another one


Another one. Bob Lambert 


Below is a conversation i had with Robert Sands (ryan bates) , a "leader" of one of the groups in England north west. this conversation started after he was told to attack me by 2 undercovers who have infiltrated the group. The same undercovers in Operation Escrow.


Is Luap/ Paul Jones/ PJ/ Paul Norman Jones a snitch and police informant?


Luap once again threatening to send Antifas to attack me


Luap wanting to send my details to Fascist Groups for a laugh


Luap pulling the old Anti Semite card again 

All Pro Palestinian groups have been infiltrated by Zionists and Mossad agents and there is no reason to think Antifa is any different http://www.gilad.co.uk/writings/2015/7/4/hot-off-t...

Is anti-BDS group Sawtona impersonating Palestinians? https://electronicintifada.net/content/anti-bds-gr...


Below is a conversion between me and a so called Antifa member in England North West saying how he went to Isreal on Holiday cause he is "Jewish"

Then Luap (PJ)  claims hes been to Gaza?


"Antifa" word on the street is i got beat up for being "anti semitic"? why are they spreading lies about me?


Antifa Facebook Account   2015

About their Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/ANTIFA.CZ/?fref=ts&hc_loc...

* Not one post by admins this year (before 19th April) educating people that Israel is THE MOST FASCIST RACIST ANTI SEMITIC STATE in history!

* this year  (before 19th April) not one post by visitors on their facebook page that supports Palestine against the illegal Apartheid Racist Fascist Antisemitic State of Israel. but about 20 posts with Nazi subliminal and covert messages to prey on your guilt with the old card that the Zionists always play the Holocaust to try and justify the creation of Israel 

* 24 posts this year (before 19th April)by admin about the "Nazi" the subliminal and covert message to prey on your guilt with the old card that the Zionists always play the Holocaust card to try and justify the creation of Israel. not one post that supports Palestinians against the illegal  Apartheid Racist Fascist Antisemitic State of Israel. 

How does events from WW2 override the Holocaust and Genocide of the Palestinians happening today by Israel? .

* Not one Pro Palestine post or Picture (before 19th April)

On their twitter pages not one piece of information about the fascist state of Israel just pictures of violence. They did retweet the Zionist BBC about someone being "Anti Semitic" https://twitter.com/MerseysideAfn https://twitter.com/AntifaMCR/with_replies


Silence is Golden by Antifa

Antifa happy to talk about Concentration Camps in 1940 but say nothing about Gaza which is the biggest open air Concentration camp. with no access to drinking water and no freedom of travel.

Antifa claim to be anti boarders unless its Israel and they can have their Apartheid wall. why does Antifas not talk about the Apartheid Wall in Palestine?


North West England Antifas Bullies 

Below is a few screenshots from the conversation i had with the so called Antifas members from the North West England who seem to be supporting Israel and Zionism and ignoring the suffering of the Palestinians. This attack on me was ordered by the 2 infiltrators that have just joined antifa in the North West England and basically these 2 undercovers used this group and is still using this group to try and bully me.  False accusations of me being antisemitic are currently being weaponised to deter me from exposing Operation Escrow. Expressions of support for Palestinian rights, which condemn Israeli government policy and aspects of Zionist ideology, and have nothing whatsoever to do with antisemitism. These people attacking me have yet to prove evidence of any post or tweet or quotation of me being racist or anti semtic because they are lies. http://www.jewishsocialist.org.uk/news/item/statem...

its not an Israeli Flag its a "star of David flag", according to the great Antifas leader Ryan (Robert). Don't miss that other threat of violence against me "can't waite to get my hands on you"

Upon arriving in the British Mandate of Palestine, Lichtenfeld (person who created Krav) began teaching Krav to Jewish Terrorists. With the illegal establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, Lichtenfeld became the Chief Instructor of Physical Fitness and Krav Maga at the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) School of Combat Fitness. He served in the IDF for 15 years, during which time he continued to develop and refine his hand-to-hand combat method. 

Another Threat made


Ryan Bates (robert sands) lies again

Robert makes death threats against me this time threatening me with bullets and another Antifas member thinking i am wrong to question and talk about Zionisim 


Luap making another threat towards me

Was that Gun picture by Luap a threat to kill me

Paul Morgan and Luap (Paul Norman Jones)


Luap (PJ, Paul Jones) using the Anon Street Team Liverpool account to attack me (he us admin) for exposing police using different identities (click pic below to see video)


This is another Antifa member threatening me, he also threatened me in public saying something like im gonna get whats coming to me. This was witnessed by another member of the public who would verify the event


Antifa Gangster

Antifa Paul Morgan siding with a "Gangster" Stephen French to attack me and other activists? especially when he had nothing to do with that specific project that i set up.



More Attacks by Antifa on me

Another misled activist calling me an anti Semite  


Robert Sands making another Death Threat


Another activist misled calling me a Fascist  


Antifas in the North West England sent out 2 young girls and a young boy (names i have) to verbally attack me and send me once again a death threat while i was at a protest i attended, i have 2 eye witnesses that will testify to this. A quote from one of them "I will kill you" below is them organizing the attack on me


The male  holding the Antifas flag below in image has been exposed for being a snitch and a grass by other activists, he also funny enough attacked me calling me an anti Semite, makes you think where he got that idea from

The other Antifa throwing the water was convicted for assaulting his girlfriend 

Convicted sex offender from "Antifa"


Stephen Mayne another convicted sex offender protected by "antifa" members on anti fracking sites


Somebody who claimed to be pro Palestinian being a member of the Liverpool Rise For Palestine group should know the difference between anti Jew and anti Israel? 

The same person told me i should stop investigating the Undercovers because i would "end up in a body bag"


Another "Love Activist" being mislead by these Antifas bullies thinking its ok to attack me and anyone who supports Palestine


Another activists calling me an anti Semite who has close links to the 2 undercovers in Operation Escrow 

Other screen shots from the same person directly above seems dodgy to me


Instead of taking my concerns and points on board Antifa in the North West England instead just calls me names all because i named the cowards that have bullied me. Cowardly Fucks! They are happy to post my name everywhere along with my picture make threats and call me names but if i do the same they have done to me well....im an anti Semite. They only care about themselves and they have no interest in fighting Fascism 


This Antifas North West England member i have noticed has been pulling this "Rothschild Conspiracy" card when she is challenged on Zionism. Which is very interesting. because its clearly well documented on what Rothschild does and what they are and are they pretty much funded Israel the terrorist state. so its very interesting on why she would try to discredit the so called Rothschild Conspiracy which is a very well documented fact. only a Zionist would try to hide Rothschild to Israel.  She is very new to politics and this topic of Zionism which means she is being led by a Zionist working for Israel. can you guess who? https://www.rothschild.com/israel/


" Lets get one thing very clear before I continue, this piece is not in support of Merseyside Anti-Fascist Network (MAFN) However, Nor is it a criticism of Anti-Fascism or any other group. No Pasaran!

I am an anti-fascist, I am also many other things, a woman, mother, social justice activist/campaigner, occasional writer, skilled pain in the backside, and I have been around the block a few times now, so for all these reasons I am writing this, a critique I am apparently still afforded in this just about still ‘Free Country’!

So who are MAFN? And why am I writing this?  In coming words, the first question being fulfilled, will partly answer the second!                                                                               

Firstly they are at their core, a relatively small and non-remarkable group (in terms of diversity), who sometimes double up with the remnants of LAFN -(liverpool anti- fascist network) and a few other individuals at Public Events and Meets. Most of the core group are new to anti-fascism, and to activism itself. Half do not live in Liverpool.  But it is their playing field!

It is this core group, in which all ‘decisions’ are made, and where a hierarchy of mostly ‘anarchists’ exists, that I level this criticism and expose some truths about! As an ex-member of this group, I am under no illusion, that this is how a group of such a ‘proclamation’- in title alone, should evolve, be maintained, recruit, organize, safeguard, or Act and “Speak Like”! Speaking out against this,  is not a crime against the long-run and international anti-fascist movement, it is quite the contrary, it is in defense of it! It is also a response to the gas-lighting and bullying I have experienced from some members of this core group, while it was being watched on or reported to the rest!

In the run up to the attempt at a ‘White Man March’ last year, many of us began to organize to spread the word to oppose it. The usual components of The Left, as well as The Local Community, Football Fans, and Students were all on board. LAFN  had ceased to be a working group of local antifa and so there was arguably room for an organised group to evolve along with existing activists. and that was certainly the case to be. Suddenly ‘A Fresh New Face’ emerged, quickly making ‘a name for himself’,and along with a few others, helped form what he then went on to state, was ‘his group’ -MAFN. As I wont name names, I will refer to him as the ‘Crazy Frog’ from herein!

The publicity in the run up to the threat of a Far Right March, had also been unusually high at this time, these particular little Neo-Nazis were getting lots of attention before they even got off those trains!! They had bragged online about taking Our City, and Mayor Joe Anderson-(known for his honesty), had alleged they had threatened him and the L8 Community in a typed letter! That was never going to be taken by chance, or seen to be ignored, even though the Nazis denied the letter outright.

Big Joe would also eventually go on to gain ‘New Powers’ from the two occasions The Far Right Scum did show up, despite being happy for them to March through the City Centre on the 15th of August last year! He would also go on to take credit for the failure of The Nazis to March that day, and then, to condemn those left opposing their violence while the police looked on, on the 27th of February this year!

The Crazy Frog and his close companions were indeed in with the Molotov that went off at Liverpool Limestreet that day in August last year, but fortunately and most notably, so were thousands of Scousers, Local People and a good show of Antifa from around the country as support! Yet despite this, the Crazy Frog and spawn, still saw fit to take the majority of credit (that Joe hadn’t),  and thanked the people of Liverpool for, ‘helping them win the fight’ No insult intended, None taken then!!

At this time, with events in Liverpool already having taken lots of twists and turns since The Election and The Occupation of The Bank of England, The New group (MAFN) began to attract those that had previously not even known what fascism or anti-fascism was, some of whom had also been new to any activism in Liverpool, and who had first appeared in the then occupied LoveBank or subsequent occupations. Now obviously this is not an issue on its own, but with no checks or balances it is a massive one!

Some of these people are not the real problem either, and a movement must attract new generations and blood., but there was no attention taken to the alarm bells ringing when The Crazy Frog threatened another much older man (at a meeting to arrange against The Nazis), then a disabled man at another, and then everyone he could, on Facebook! The other new members had become so immersed in being heroes with him, saving us all from Nazis and Fascism, (even Racism and Sexism too I think)… note to self– must ask about that one! -They did not challenge his aggressive, regressive and destructive ways!  Giving it large!!

So when The Crazy Frog then went on to bully and insult me, and with another hide meetings and information from me., other members were still not interested, not learning anything; nor where they educating or focusing on the cause. Activities would largely involve: winding Nazis up online, pinching their flags, sticking stickers up, dressing up, taking photos of themselves ‘dressed up’ for Facebook, after turning up to meet their very similarly dressed- Nazi opponents in Liverpool and elsewhere! Massaging each others ego’s online, also seemed to be their new ritualistic-bonding method.

This was anti-fascism apparently, but not as we know it…

Let me expand, AND clear my throat!!

So if that wasn’t problem enough, along came ‘The Two Pauls’ – two men strongly suspected by many, of being informants/infiltrators, since a short time after they showed up at the LoveBank last April.  One of these men, (Morgan), is now right at the heart of the Group, whilst the other (PJ) may finally have been expunged from the fringes, as he has recently exposed him self as right-wing and a police informant. He also began a big row over antisemitism pulling in the Crazy Frog and manipulating the MAFN mood. In weeks of that, he then began bullying me with The Crazy Frog, and most members of the ‘core group’ over a few day period in April.  I was called a monster, dangerous, bully, crank, nutter, and my feminist and anti-fascist credentials called out. They also joked about me being sentenced to prison for my activism as I stood in the dock! They then used my real name in this behaviour, later accusing me of using theirs. or somehow exposing them as MAFN. The only mature experienced member still on board, brought them-self down to the level of the Fresh-Faced Crazy Frog and also joined in denying there was any issues, despite a long and respected reputation as an anti-fascist. A situation that was then either exploited or accepted by the Infiltrators and spawn!

After all they could do anything in their new name-MAFN ..with their New Status and no one could criticize them now without allegations of helping fascists in one way or another!

They hide behind a mask and a movement!

Most of them, completely fail to understand their privilege, in choosing to fight Fascism, that many don’t get a choice, nor do they get to/or have a choice in hiding behind a mask to fight every now and again, and whipping it off to get on with their other life!

They insult many like Jack Jones and those that fought in the Brigades, they insult The Community. They have no wider concept or perspective of anti-fascism and only truly do what is detailed above. They have little care for others arrested or those hurt after being brutally assaulted by fascists and police in Liverpool recently. 

They have little care or knowledge, about protecting each other from imprisonment, and harm, inc (the minor in care) who is in their care when he shows out with them. It was a close shave in Wigan for him, the young kid was almost set upon by Fascists after the Crazy Frog and other core members ran away leaving him and three others alone! The next meeting, a week later, this wasn’t discussed, so I brought it up after being astonished that they had been laughing at a fascists poem online instead. Crazy Frog didn’t like this! He then went on to try ban me from ‘his group’creating an argument over the word ‘bitch’, and later admitting it was just an excuse to attack me!

The group also has no mission statement, Nor is it formally affiliated with the wider Anti-Fascist Network. They do not even have to state who they are and what they stand for. Easy life!!

Good job the many people affected by Fascism and Racism and More in Liverpool and Merseyside, are not waiting for them to come to their rescue,  and that this lot have day jobs! "



Why is Antifa fighting the UAF (United Against Fascism)

Getting rid of friendly competition it is it divide and rule tactics 



Anti Semite Weapon used by Antifa like Zionists 

False allegations of anti-Semitism being used as weapons against Jeremy Corbyn's leadership of Labour similar to how Antifas, Undercovers and friends of Undercovers and Antifas attacked me. 

And of course there was nothing on the Antifas facebook page informing people that Ken Livingstone and Naz Shah where not being Anti Semitic (since Antifas is the gate keepers to who is an anti Semite and who is not). 

No information posted to tell the world that Hitler was working with the Zionists and the Haavara Agreement is an historic fact (since they like talking about Hitler & Nazis so much...i guess they forget) https://electronicintifada.net/content/how-israel-...



Antifa Terrorists 

(controlled group to now call activists terrorists. Create the problem, wait for the reaction then come up with the solution)


More Antifa Social Media


On April 23rd 2016 i commented on their facebook post congratulating them on posting a picture of a Palestinian flag for the first time on their web site. The responds was pretty cold. Only 2 likes on my comment and a Zionist troll being allowed to spread israeli propaganda on their page https://www.facebook.com/antifascistnetwork/posts/...


I have been to Palestine in Ramallah and Gaza i have seen this fascist state with my own eyes and unlike Luap (Paul Norman, PJ) I would never joke about going to the Holy Land. I know so many Palestinians that are refugees that are not allowed to return home because of this illegal terrorist occupation called Israel. This is why going on "holiday to Israel" is deeply offensive. 


Why wont Antifas talk about the Egyptian Junta, when i went to Gaza I stayed in Egypt under Martial Law, i saw more tanks then cars. Which i consider to be a little bit Fascist but then again they are supported by Israel.

Why wont Antifas talk about Saudi? wait they are also a Zionist Puppets so they cant be Fascists and they take in so many refugees...right? http://speisa.com/modules/articles/index.php/item....


After 2 undercover merseyside police officers that recently infiltrated Merseyside Antifa and organised the group to attack me like a pack of dogs. After i researched who they really are they blocked me on twitter. I guess they are scared thati find more evidence proving that they are indeed working for Israel.



FLAGS: Israel infiltration Antifas Abroad  


Antifa Hypocrisy


Not one Antifa supporting AL QUDS day London 10 July 2015, it saids alot

Not one mention of Nakba Day in 2016 on their facebook or twitter pages. apart from Brigada Antifa-Tel Aviv


‘Celebrate Israel’ parade in  New York 2017 no Antifa protesting insight http://mondoweiss.net/2017/06/protesters-disrupt-c...


Another Antifa member talking about Al Quds Day in London, interesting remarks.   They are more then happy to fight EDL in a pre planed football hooligan fight but wont support the Palestinians 



The most Racist Fascist Antisemitic State EVER TO EXIST that displaced a whole population and is still carrying out a genicide and does horrific things to refugees is never mentioned by Antifa unless they are supporting Israel at a protest 

Antifa are not doubt a state controlled opposition behaving like fascists 


                 Long Live Palestine Long Live Gaza