Liverpool news


Police have started spying on motorists from the top of double-decker buses

Member of the Public defends themselfs from  an attack by Undercover police officers

Police Drone footage shows police convoy ahead of dawn raids in Liverpool

Merseyside police and fire services want a new drone - let's hope it doesn't sink this time

Merseyside Police are now escorting people out of the city if they don't like them 

Crime Commissioner wants more Merseyside Police Officers with Guns

Armed Police on duty casually doing their shopping in Tescos

Merseyside Police training for Martial Law

FIFA does False Flag in Manchester under orders of UN

British Taxes Being Used For False Flag Drills

Merseyside Police support Terrorists

MI5 agent from Liverpool working for ISIS killed in Syria

Spies working in Liverpool airport coffee shop

Merseyide Police waste money on False Flag drills

Police informant 'in dark place' as five year prosecution for pineapple cocaine plot collapses

Agents from the US embassy in Grosvenor Square, London,visit Liverpool around once a month

Merseyside Police using IMSI catchers for spying on thousands of phones. provided by a French Company

Merseyside Police Stage a bomb threat, jumping on Paris bandwagon AGAIN

Chief Constable Jon Murphy of Merseyside Police defends the use of Undercover Cops Infiltrating Activist Groups

Blacklisted workers granted ‘core participant’ status at Pitchford inquiry into undercovers

CIA paid Liverpool FC owner to use his jet for 55 torture rendition flights including to Guantanamo Bay

Big Liverpool Business firm JLK Ltd works with Osama Bin Laden family

Merseyside Police Plan Biometric Bail System

Paris False Flag allowed Osborne u-turn on Merseyside police cuts

Merseyside Police Kidnap our Children

Joe Anderson wants to be come World Mayor

Top Merseyside detective at centre of police leaks probe

LJMU infiltrated by Merseyside Police

Huge military plane spotted circling over Liverpool

Russian spy plane over Lancashire

Merseyside Police Nazi Checkpoint

Merseyside Police protects Social Services Kidnapping rings

Israeli Zionist Training Terrorist Camp in Liverpool

Merseyside PC Paula Humphreys using police database to snoop on drug peddling in-law

Merseyside Police want to open up bases in our community centres and libraries to spy on us

Merseyside Police get MOSSAD training in Liverpool

from giving kids ASBOS to THE MATRIX UNIT

Paris False Flag = more Merseyside Undercover Police at football games

Google Censorship On

Paris False Flag, Merseyside Police milk it

The head of the Merseyside Police Information and Security Bureau (ISB) Special Branch corrupt

Halewood Merseyside Ford Factory works with MI5

The Ghost Squad (The Untouchables) protecting Merseyside Police secret drug dealing empire
Liverpool Bloody Sunday. August 16th 1911

Merseyside Police Officer Undercover for 12 Years

Merseyside Police Undercover as PCSOs

TITAN the North-west’s regional organised crime unit works with FBI

Thatcher’s secret state was the real enemy within

Merseyside campaigners back calls for undercover police inquiry

Councils Criticised for Using CCTV Camera Cars

Two council CCTV camera operators have been jailed for spying on a naked woman in her own home

Crack House in Liverpool run by Merseyside Undercover Cop robbed by Merseyside Police

Merseyside Police officers drafted in to help protect world leaders at NATO summit

Merseyside Police works for FBI

Merseyside Police Working for FBI again

Armed Merseyside Police at school after FBI warning

Merseyside Business man stalked and bugged by MI5 for 11 years

Dame Stella Rimington, former Director General of MI5 Studied at University Of Liverpool

Liverpool Cunnard Building used as MI5 HQ double in TV Spy Show

M.I.5 Called In To Investigate Dock Dispute 1949

MI5 uses M.E.N. for recruitment drive

Spy inside Merseyside Police

Merseyside Police Throw Away Secret Files

Merseyside police said drunk Liverpool fans are to blame for the Hillsborough tragedy

Merseyside Police and Council work along side Private Company that runs dungeons in Palestine on behalf of the Zionists

Merseyside Police Provide Spy Cameras to Shop Workers

Merseyside Police Spy Drone

RAF Jet Circling over Liverpool for hours

Merseyside Police only rejected 228 out of 48,000 applications to spy on you

Merseyside Police Spy on almost 1 in 20 people

Liverpool 81

Snipers spotted at Manchester anti-austerity march

From Helmand to Merseyside: Unmanned drones and the militarisation of UK policing

NATO Warships dock in Liverpool on Routine Exercises

NATO Ships Complete Participation in Exercise Joint Warrior

Merseyside is the second most expensive region to police in the country

CCTV in Liverpool is the most extensive run by a single public organization other then the police.

Merseyside Police spy drones since 2008 originally designed by the CIA

HMS Liverpool fires on Gaddafi forces

Six Nato ships to leave Liverpool’s cruise terminal today in major multi-national exercise

HMS Liverpool (D92) worked with NATO to destabilize Iraq and Libya to ship in ISIS

first overseas Consulate of the United States Terrorists in Liverpool

James Maury the first United States consul from 1790 to 1829, lived at 4 Rodney Street