The Building

                             The Building 

The Building was a Homeless Shelter I set up for Christmas in 2015 and was the last occupation in Liverpool in that crazy year.  The Building was given to me by the "ex gangster" Stephan French (The Devil).  During this time a few Undercover Police and Sabotagers were trying to destroy the project and i believe even more sinister things where being planned. 


Statement made by one of the volunteers helping me with the project.

"Yesterday, Myself and associates walked away from the south Liverpool project for those in need of housing over the Christmas and New Year period. And no further association will occur.
This is a regrettable decision as it is not yet New Year but we had no option in our convictions. It has been more than an experience however...We housed some genuine street homeless individuals and even housed a person who safely got back one night after being drugged in preparation for rape by two men near by. If we had not been there for her to fight to stay awake and stagger back to and tell us what happened we shudder to think. One man had been trafficked for slave Labour...hardly spoke English. We kicked out a pimp and a few other individuals sniffing about and provided a safe warm homely atmosphere for 9 days over Christmas.. We ran on skeleton staff...meaning we never really went home. This was done by three people for 7 of those days...none of whom have publicly tried to take credit..... Barr me, now writing this now because it is noteworthy. We are gutted most of these people are back on the street of their own choice as they were aware of why we left...even though a few remain in the property for the time being. Please look out for those on the streets...sometimes they need a shoulder to cry on... Even if you can't provide money or shelter." this is my video i made in response to all the lies told about me"

Stephen French tells court he will 'vigorously contest' rape charge


Below is a video made by one of the "volunteers" who we quickly found out he was a Sabotager and he attempt to Sabotage the project and then he made false claims on the Love Kitchen Facebook group page that i had stolen from the homeless. His name is Kevin Martin Johnson

Kevin Johnson one of the "volunteers" on the project


Below is a record of behavior i kept on this "Volunteer"

Kevin decided to bring all of the Love Kitchen stuff to the Building. me or the other volunteers never asked him to do this. I personally found it odd why we where taking the Love Kitchen stuff when far as i knew the Love Kitchen never ended but since it was winter and Christmas i thought they where on some type of holiday break. I felt as if we where taking a service away from the homeless who needed the Love Kitchen. But i do not know anything about the Love Kitchen logistics, at this time of writing.

Kevin was hardly ever at the building, he was basically just the delivery guy. he used to bring us the furniture for the building from Cloud a Facebook group. He stayed (slept) in the building for 2 nights and couldn't wait to get off in the morning (none of the other volunteers had commitments lol) . He was more interested in his tables from his "free shop" he had to pick up which was closing then the Homeless. I was one hour late on the Tuesday morning and he was in a bad mood and threw the keys at me and said he was finished with the project just because i was one hour late.

By being the only person bringing in equipment and furniture into the Building this put him in a powerful position in the group, it also made him look good for the owners of the Building. He attempted to pull on the heart strings of everyone by saying he brought his own fridge and tables into the Building. There was no evidence to prove that this was actually his stuff, in a Facebook message he said "Keep all my gear safe because need to set up for young lad in January" This makes me think that he didn't want this stuff he gave or it was not his in the first place.

Kevin main purpose was sabotage just like JAY, he always attempted to undermine me and all the other volunteers, he was calling two of the volunteers Lazy, one of the volunteers was sick and despite her have the flu she turned up to help is. Kevin spent six hours during one day and two nights sleeping at the building the whole time. I discussed about JAY being a possible undercover as soon as the building was open and to be careful. however we was still deciding whether or not to keep him in the building where we could keep an eye on him. Kevin decided to kick JAY out of the building undermining all the other volunteers and not informing us of his actions, he put me and the other volunteers in danger. I took JAY to the sleeping department, i was alone and this is when JAY told me that i told  Kevin he was an undercover and he had to leave. If i didn’t know JAY was not a fighter and i did not know how to defend myself things could have got ugly.  Kevin thought it was funny when i asked him if he kicked JAY out, he said he just had a word about him about not smoking in the building. He never admitted to kicking JAY out he just smiled and made a stupid remark. he clearly did not care about anyones safety.

Kevin accused me and the other volunteers of spiking his Tobacco with Cannabis . Kevin who smokes Cannabis by the way thinks that we put Cannabis among his roll up Tobacco in his tin. Despite thinking we spiked his tobacco he still continued smoking it. He said this to the Gangster behind our back to once again try and cause conflict and confusion.

On one of his rare sleep overs, i came back to the building in the morning he stormed off again, the store room was locked, i went in and found the heater on and placed on top of a pile of clothes. This could have burnt down the whole building if no one went into that store room, this is how safe aware he was. This store room was organised by the other volunteers in the building, after this organisation of the store room he started to accuse the homeless in the building of steeling food, cloths and toiletries behind their back.

Kevin always attempted to enforce a rota onto the rest of the volunteers even tho he never actually stuck to it himself. One of his surprise morning visits to the Building he secretly took photographs of the kitchen bin (which was due to be emptied that morning) pictures of a toilet with a shit in (likely his shit) and 3 towels in the bathroom that where slightly out of place on the rack and then sent them to the gangster who co owned the building telling him we the other volunteers where not up to the job of running the building. Kevin always attempted to undermine me and other volunteers to the Gangster talking to him behind our backs, Kevin kept bringing his girlfriend as a security blanket or a human shield.

The Gangster was annoyed and angered by Kevin because he always used speaker on his phone, the one time we knew about this. Kevin girlfriend was in the room and somebody else was when he was suppose to be having a private conversation with the Gangster. Kevin always recorded phone calls just like the sneaky snitch that he is.

Kevin was out side by the entrance to the Building and the room where to the cops have been sitting in watching us in the Building from the Flory across the road from us. i asked him to take a picture he was that bothered and he said something like “ don't worry we are safe and protected the good cops will protect us”

One of his phone calls to the Gangster, Kevin told him that me and the other volunteer where undercover police. If this Gangster did not know that we was not coppers then we could have been killed. The Gangster trusted us with a lot of information, anything could have happened to us in that building because of Kevin bizarre accusation. This is who much he cared about people safety. this was the main reason why we decided to leave the Building.

Me and the other volunteer had a strict vetting procedures for volunteers and homeless, we had to protect everyone and the building this was not a open house. Kevin was the one who was "fooled" into helping a drug dealer use his taxi who he thought was a homeless man to find his clients on the way to the Building. the other person in that Taxi was likely that drug dealers friend, Adam (Omar) the Pimp and Pusher. Kevin constantly claimed he knew all the homeless on the street due to “his” Love Kitchen but he clearly didn’t have a clue. He always claimed he knew ex army despite him never bringing anyone in who was actually ex army, in fact he said that the Pimp was ex army who he brought back, maybe he was working for ISIS or maybe he was working for the Syrian Army. Its a good job he was just a dirty Pimp instead of a Terrorist lol. Maybe Kevin was giving it the big J.I Joe because he knew The Gangster was keen on getting ex army homeless into the building and he wanted to look good in front of him.

Kevin also was responsible for bringing to the Building Anthony Houghton and Paul Morgan


Another Character involved in the Building was called Jay  below is another record of accounts i kept because i became concerned about his true motives for wanting to working with me and the Building. i let you judge for yourself.

Just before Christmas on the 24 th of December JAY was added to the Anon Street Team Facebook chat by ******* despite him not being act Activist or a member of the Anon Street Team Liverpool at any time. In fact he was always slagging them off saying how un organised they where and how they didn't have vegan food (he is the only vegan “homeless” person in Liverpool). Maybe he joined the chat to gain information about the Building since he was no longer welcome inside.

Like mentioned early JAY was removed by the Kevin after we talked about him being a undesirable character. Me and other volunteers wanted to keep him in so we could keep an eye on him. We thought he was safer with us then outside shit stirring and planing stuff. Kevin thought otherwise. During JAY short stay at the Building he was undermining me and other volunteers, he kept calling me “God” because i apparently had a big ego. I was issued the only set of keys by The Frenchman and told not to give the keys to anyone. At the start of the project we had a policy of no drugs in the Building there was lean way for addicts and no volunteers and helpers where to be on drugs at any time when being in the Building, JAY was the first to use drugs inside the Building, he smoked cannabis inside the Building and attempted to get two of the volunteers to smoke with him outside near the bus stop close to the Building as a way of undermining the drug policy in place.

Its also important to point out that JAY before entering the Building on the Friday when it was officially open, I took him to check out the building he instantly said he wanted the room with the best view on the top floor looking out at the Mersey, I already had decided that Granddad Mark who is homeless was to get his “Penthouse suite ”. As soon as the top floor in the second building was open JAY went straight to that room and dumped his stuff in there putting his own selfish needs of a real homeless person who was also a real activist unlike JAY

On christmas day their was information given to me and i can not remember who, it was likely from a phone call from The Frenchman that these two un named people that came to cook Christmas Dinner for us was working for the police.  Kevin was very cosy with them I believe they arrived together, pretty much all the volunteers and the homeless where concerned they could be police because of all the questions they where asking and behaviour.

Christmas Day Kevin also turned up with his best friend Ant and JAY  who he had previously kicked out. This was when our electricity was sabotaged for an hour or two. I believe Christmas day there was a big move and push to destroy the project because me and the other volunteers had everything tight knowing the police and other parties would try and infiltrate the project. they didn’t.