Spotting A Undercover

Undercovers Today in Liverpool among Activists 

Top 21 questions you need to ask

1. They always seek leadership roles, they present themselves as some type of authority.

2. They want to be facebook admins on all group facebook accounts.

3. They do not talk about their past and it appears they have only become active in the scene about 2 or 3 years a go due to the bedroom tax protests.

4. They instantly join new groups and abandon the previous ones.

5. They attack anyone who appears to have leadership skills or organization skills or someone that is independent.

6. They divide groups by attacking the activists that have leadership skills or organization skills by attacking their character in public especially on facebook.

7. There is no consistency in their political or religious views.

8. They have private meetings away from the group or groups.

9. They want to hold the purse strings.

10. They have no problem talking to police officers or even asking for their assistance.

11. They never get arrested unless they are deliberately getting arrested to be seem like a "hero"

12. They attempt to sabotage projects from projects they are not in control of.

13. They have time lapses on their facebook time line.

14. They may have some type of mental disability.

15. They use their real names instead of dead babies. 

16. They disappear from the Activist scene for a number of weeks or months and return as if they had never left. 

17. There political ideas are stereotyped and dumb downed.

18. They don't seem to have substance or proper knowledge of people, places and subjects they claim to know.

19. They seek media attention and put themselves up to be poster boys/girls of a activist group.

20. They seem to supply the drugs to activist projects.

21. The use bullying techniques on Facebook to push out real activists with leadership skills.

Information Against the Police State Handbook

Handbook "Guide to protect yourself against snitches, informers infromants, agents provocateurs, narcs, finks, and similar vermin"

Security Culture For Activists manual pdf