Meseryside Israeli Regime

Why do we want a Fascist Racist occupying army involved in our Policing in Liverpool


In September, while on a train to Liverpool for the Labour conference, Masot tells Robin he is also establishing a group called City Friends of Israel. Once in Liverpool, the footage shows Masot introducing Robin at conference social events as the “Young LFI chairman”. 


Zionist Head of Merseyside Police

Jane Jennedy Chief Crime Commisoner 


The Chief and Crime Commissioner for Merseyside Police Jane Kennedy Chaired the Labor Friends of Israel mafia in 1997.

Working for Israel not Britain


Liverpool Politicians Love Israel

Louise Ellman MP

Louise Ellman the Labour & Co-operative Member of Parliament for Liverpool Riverside pictured above enjoying a trip to the Zionist state meeting with Israeli military and security (Terrorists) 2013 talking about bombing Syria

member of Labour Friends of Israel.

Chair & Registered Contact for Britain-Israel Parliamentary Group

In March 2004 she defended Israeli assassination of Sheikh Yasin "Israel’s action in killing Sheikh Yasin was a legitimate response to an extraordinary situation."

She voted "very strongly for" the Iraq War

"very strongly against" an investigation into that war


Luciana Clare Berger Member of Parliament for Liverpool Wavertree

Ms Berger, 30, was Labour Friends of Israel director for three years before stepping down last year to fight her election campaign in the Liverpool Wavertree constituency.

On the 1st June the Zionist blocked me


Do we really want a Zionist Metro Mayor? who supports the genocide of the Palestinians 


Fat Joe being supported to become a Metro Mayor by a dirty Zionist John Mann


Israel Merseyside Police Force 

Why are London’s Police Travelling to Israel? American and British Police Trained in Israel

Israel’s export of occupation police tactics


Merseyside Police IDF Training

Merseyside Police being trained by the Israeli Defense Force under a the name KRAV MAGA and Defense Attack Systems

"History Krav Maga was developed in Czechoslovakia in the 1930s[1] by Imi Lichtenfeld, also known as Imi Sde-Or (Sde-Or–”Light Field”–a calque of his surname into Hebrew). He first taught his fighting system in Bratislava in order to help protect the local Jewish community from the Nazi militia. Upon arriving in the British Mandate of Palestine, Lichtenfeld began teaching Kapap to the Haganah, the Jewish underground army. With the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, Lichtenfeld became the Chief Instructor of Physical Fitness and Krav Maga at the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) School of Combat Fitness. He served in the IDF for 15 years, during which time he continued to develop and refine his hand-to-hand combat method. In 1964 he left the military though continued to supervise the instruction of Krav Maga in both military and law-enforcement contexts, and in addition, worked indefatigably to refine, improve and adapt Krav Maga to meet civilian needs"

More information on this terrorist cell can be found on

"Krav Maga is the official hand to-hand combat system of the Israeli Defense Forces"

Zionist propaganda from their group page on facebook Alpha Dog Krav Maga

Israel Shooting Classes (How to shoot Palestinian Children in the eye)

100 British nationals serving with the IDF

British Jews signing up for service in Gaza and the West Bank to kill woman and children

Dutch Trained Dogs Being Used By Israel To Terrorize Palestinians

The Guy in charge of the school is also a Armed Police Officer

yep he likes the IDF

Merseyside Police on Red Alert for anti-Israel Protests
read more:


Merseyside Police Force already training a Zionist Force "“I hate Muslims with a passion,

Merseyside Police Drones like IDF drones over Gaza

From Helmand to Merseyside: Unmanned drones and the militarisation of UK policing

Merseyside Police Spy Drone

Merseyside police make UK’s first ever flying drone arrest in Litherland

Merseyside Police drone crashes into River Mersey

Security guard fined for filming this drone footage of Liverpool's Anfield stadium

More UK police drone trials

Imagine what Merseyside Police Drones can do?

Merseyside Prisons run by same G4S company for Israeli Dungeons

G4S is a British Danish multinational security and prison firm working for the Zionists in Israel at checkpoints and their prisons. They also work at The Queen Elizabeth II Law Courts in Liverpool and the also run our Prisons such Altcourse Prison

Liverpool Council under presser from G4S Israel war crime links