Merseyside Police Drug Empire

Is Merseyside Police Drug Empire working for the UN/NATO Gladio B mafia (babas) in Turkey funding ISIS (Al Qaeda) in Syria as part as a UN/NATO Operation against Russia?

Police informant 'in dark place' as five year prosecution for pineapple cocaine plot collapses

Is TITAN North West Regional Organised Crime Unit basically the biggest drug mafia in Europe?

The last UK Threat Assessment published by the Serious Organised Crime Agency put Merseyside at the top of the tree for the supply of guns and drugs in the UK.

Smack and Crack is back in Liverpool after opium production has increased 40 times since NATO began its ‘War on Terror’ in 2001.

Fall of Liverpool £4bn phone box cocaine gang jailed for 250 years ended 30-year chase by police

Merseyside top cop to lead NATO summit policing operation

Merseyside Police are the only force outside of London that have a Level 3 crime classification capability

Merseyside Police officers drafted in to help protect world leaders at NATO summit

NATO ship to be built on Merseyside

NATO. Exercise "Carte Blanche"


Deputy head of the Merseyside drugs squad, Elmore "Elly" Davies exposed

Customs and North West Regional Crime Squad telling merseyside police how corrupt their police force is

HMS Liverpool 2005, Liverpool was sent to the Caribbean, where her duties included patrols to crack down on drug smuggling. In 2008, 18 sailors onboard tested positive for cocaine in a routine drug test.

Bling and buy: Police sell playboy drug baron's jewellery on eBay for up to £3,200 an item

1% of Drugs that get into the country is seized by police

NATO and Drug Trafficking

Police avoid arresting drug dealers after 3PM

Leicestershire Police sell drug gang aircraft for £17,200 on eBay

highest quality of drugs is at the port of their entry into the country, so if you lived in Liverpool you would be getting a far greater quality of cocaine or heroin

Wife of retired merseyside police officer forced to leave husband in Turkey

Merseyside Business man friends with Curtis Warren stalked and bugged by MI5 for 11 years

The head of the Merseyside Police Information and Security Bureau (ISB) Special Branch corrupt

The Ghost Squad (The Untouchables) protecting Merseyside Police secret drug dealing empire

Mersey drugs baron Michael Showers appeals heroin smuggling conviction in Turkey

The Brussels Connection: Why UN/NATO Belgium Keeps Popping Up in Terror Attacks

Dame Stella Rimington, former Director General of MI5 Studied at University Of Liverpool

Curtis 'Cocky' Warren: 'If the keepers of the keys aren't right, nothing is'

Dutch Police Secret File on Merseyside Police involvement in drug trafficking. skip to 19:46

A drugs baron from Liverpool built up a £200m fortune through his links with the Colombian cartels

Senior detective risked officers for bribe from Britain's top drug baron

Brain Charrington A Merseyside Police Undercover was Curtis Warren partner

Merseyside Police Drug Squad phone records show hundreds of calls made to well known crime bosses

Former Merseyside Police officer ‘smuggled drugs in boxes of pineapples’

Merseyside Police officer PC Barry Parkinson held meetings with drug dealer to sell information

Crack House in Liverpool run by Merseyside Undercover Cop robbed by Merseyside Police

Three police officers jailed for selling seized drugs to dealer

A rifle's journey from Belgium to Gaza

Turkish Mafia

£7million plot to smuggle high-strength heroin from Turkey to Merseyside

Police in seven forces investigated for drugs, bribery and robberies

Met detective undercover investigating Meseryside Police because they where so corrupt

Merseyside police officer of conspiracy to commit burglary and supply cannabis

CIA drug-running is nothing new, not that you’d know it from the mainstream press reports that turn up on the subject every 10 years or so.

Curtis Warren's 'associate' says gangster was wrongly jailed over £1m drug plot as 'it'd have to be £150m'

Abdullah Çatlı

How MI6, CIA spend tax money on propping up drug production

Turkey supply root for drugs to Europe

A three-year surveillance operation foiled plans to buy 57kg of heroin in Turkey and smuggle it into the UK

The Spoils of War: Afghanistan’s Multibillion Dollar Heroin Trade

Turkey Grey Wolves

Agent of MI5 and Turkish military intelligence drug dealing

Drug Cartels started in Liverpool by Merseyside Police

A military tribunal has sentenced Alparsian Turkes, the chief of Turkey's militant right-wing movement "Grey Wolves", to 11 years' jail Eight jailed for heroin Turkish connection

UN/NATO Capital Belgium in the genteel port city, is now revealed as a global drugs gateway and the cocaine capital of Europe

Scandal Links Turkish Aides To Deaths, Drugs and Terror

Organised crime: The Godfather of Green Lanes

Kosovo: Europe’s Mafia State. Hub of the EU-NATO Drug Trail

MI6 Are The Lords of the Global Drug Trade

Is Merseyside Police Drug Empire working for the UN/NATO Gladio B mafia in Turkey funding ISIS in Syria

Hookers & blow: Colombian drug cartels funded DEA sex parties with prostitutes

Cocaine Funding Isis: Drug Smuggling Profits Islamic State-Linked Jihadists in North Africa

High finance: ISIS generates up to $1bn annually from trafficking Afghan heroin

ISIS economy based on illegal drug trade - Russian anti-drug chief

ISIS Drug Transit From Afghanistan To Europe Confirmed By Russia: Money Goes Into Terror Funding And In New Recruitments

ISIS Meth Heads: Tweeking in the Name of Islam

ISIS heroin to flood UK: Jihadis in £33bn-a-year cash EXPLOSION from drug smuggling

Police want to seize huge fortune from drugs lord who modelled himself on Colombian cocaine baron Pablo Escobar

Kosovo: Europe’s Mafia State. Hub of the EU-NATO Drug Trail

British Police Selling Drugs

Private schoolboy whose parents were police officers becomes street-level drug dealer

Police officer jailed for selling seized drugs

Inside the Secret World of a British Undercover Drugs Cop

Cameron breaking bad? Manchester police offer to ‘have word’ with annoying narcotics criminals

Man jailed for selling drugs to 'corrupt' police officer

Former West Yorkshire detective Nick McFadden has been found guilty of stealing drugs from a police lockup

how corrupt police work with drug dealers