Merseyside Police Coruption


Merseyside Police officer accused of ending prosecution by changing doctor's note

"Low moral fibre" policeman suspended after horror motorway smash which left dad brain damaged

Merseyside Police officer facing jail after horrific M57 motorway crash

Text pest Merseyside Police officer sacked after preying on suspected abuse victim

Matrix cop sacked for illegally looking up records on police computer 242 times

Former Merseyside police officer raping schoolgirl

former Merseyside Police porter banned from Liverpool city centre for 10 years

Dishonest Merseyside Police lose Drunk and Disorderly Case

Police chief faces court over 27 dogs destroyed

Met Police called to help Merseyside Police evict activists

Three police officers jailed for selling seized drugs to dealer

Police sergeant "forced prostitute to perform sex act," court told

'Predatory' Merseyside PC made a string of sex assaults while on duty, court told

Former high-ranking Merseyside Police officer in court on perjury and misconduct charges

Merseyside Police Taser 12 Year Old Girl

Merseyside Police Wrongly Arrest Man & Taser Him 5 Times

Merseyside police officer suspended after failing drugs test

Police caught on CCTV spraying teenager with tear gas

Over 1,000 convicts in UK Police force

Merseyside police kept more than 300 people in custody without charge beyond the 24 hour limit

Taser cops receive £25,000 pay out from Merseyside police

Police misconduct hearing against officer accused of visiting sex workers is adjourned

Ex-Merseyside police officer deported from Alaska and jailed for history of sex attacks

Two Merseyside police officers sacked for Tasering innocent man

Metropolitan Police Scotland Yard Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe continues to conceal compelling criminal evidential material in the biggest ever City of London organised crime case in modern economic history.

The shocking truth about police corruption in Britain

List of Police, Prison and Court Personnel charged or convicted from 2009-2013

Merseyside PC to appear at misconduct hearing over snooping allegations

Police officer faces probe after selling machetes, replica guns and Nazi mugs on days of

Merseyside PC Paula Humphreys using police database to snoop on drug peddling in-law

Bling and buy: Police sell playboy drug baron's jewellery on eBay for up to £3,200 an item

Revealed: How Merseyside chief constable 'blamed drunken Liverpool fans' for the 1989 Hillsborough stadium disaster

WATCH: Moment Merseyside Police officer forces handcuffed man's face onto custody desk

Hundreds of confidential crime files skipped

Five Merseyside Police Matrix officers sacked over mobile phone pictures taken during raids

12 years in jail for ex-Merseyside policeman guilty of historic child abuse

Wirral policeman Simon Ferns jailed for grooming a 15 year old girl

Top cop guilty of illegally looking up police database on £150,000 cash seizure

Former police officer deported from Alaska is jailed for sex attacks over 20-year period

Kevin Dwyer: Police officer filmed up the skirts of drunk students with secret camera

Mersey police star in their own horror show

Merseyside Police Field Intelligence Development Officer "Inside man"

Sacked Mersey cop admits he falsified arrest report for alleged drug dealer to get people he owed money to "off his back"

Sexist Merseyside Police officer's comments revealed by ECHO sources

Police officer sacked over claims he left a security guard grappling with a thief in Liverpool city centre

Taser cops receive £25,000 pay out from Merseyside police after being libelled by their boss in radio interview

Former Merseyside Police officer ‘smuggled drugs in boxes of pineapples’

EXCLUSIVE: Concerns over "questionable integrity" of high-ranking Merseyside inspector and junior colleague

12 years in jail for ex-Merseyside policeman guilty of historic child abuse

Former Merseyside police commissioner Ann O'Byrne drove off from scene of crash

Detective charged with pestering crime victim for sex

Police inspector faces private prosecution over unlawful operation that saw 22 dogs rounded up and killed

C Neil Doyle murder trial jury hears Merseyside police officer deny 'conspiracy of silence' over night's events

Merseyside cop to stand trial over burglary and cannabis conspiracy

Two men "pretending" to be police officers stole cash from woman's West Derby home

CCTV captures Merseyside cops beating stab victim