Liverpool Sabotagers


"Not Guilty Verdicts passed in Chester Magistrates Court today for Sadie Love - Louise Hammond and myself. The charges were brought after Conner Heffey assaulted Sadie Love. This happened on the 22nd January 2016. Sadie demanded and apology and climbed on the caravan that contained Conner and Juliet & "Ben Button" who immediately called the police saying that someone was threatening to "burn the caravan down and blow it up". As police arrived, Sadie climbed down and went into Louise Hammond's caravan. Myself and Louise filmed Juliette and Ben button giving false statements to the police. Both Juliette and Button pointed to Louise and myself and instructed police that they felt intimidated by the filming. That resulted in our two arrests on Section 5 public disorder and Section 4 which was later changed to "obstructing pc". Even though Button was filmed giving a statement to police, they claimed not to have taken his name. The main Police Informant Juliette Edgar mentioned in police statements is still undercover on Borras Vegan protest site." - Ste Spy


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