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Operation Escrow is an undercover secret task force to infiltrate Activists groups in the North West England and to try and destroy them. The biggest Police Operation was against Love Activists in Liverpool 2015.   I will be exposing Operation Escrow In a book called Police Undercover & Escrow.  THIS PAGE IS A DUMPING GROUND FOR ALL MY RESEARCH AND INSTIGATION NOTES FOR PUBLIC RECORD


Book Introduction

This book is a factual novel telling a real story in a colourful language for entertainment purposes, all events are factual and really happened in the time line that is presented, all characters really do exist. All plots, settings, characters and events are true and nothing is made up by me most of everything can be confirmed with screen shots of conversations, communications and recorded interviews. The only thing that is distorted is the language and names of characters for entertainment reasons and to protect the innocent . The book was complied by what I personally saw with my own eyes and my own personal experiences being involved in this group, a few activists did come forward to fill in the blanks of the story told.

The book is not designed to be an assault on activists and especially those that are mentioned in the story, if anything its to help them to have a better understanding of Covert Police Operations and how snitches, informants and undercovers are complexly used today by the police force.  The story shows how groups are either created by the State/Police or hijacked by them and used for alternative motives.  The idea that someone who they trusted and loved is indeed a fraud and that they where being conned for years is a difficult reality to digest for many but it is something that needs to be addressed if activist groups are serious about making a change in the world.  There is a very good reason why activist moments disappear and vanish and the Status Quo remains, i hope by the end of this book you have a greater understanding of why this is. The tactics of Operation Mocking Bird has developed over the years and the period in England and Europe where Police Officers going undercover in long hair and beards using dead children names is no longer relevant to activism today.

The book is an adaptation of an American fantasy drama television series A Game Of Thrones, the narrative follows the story of a group of Protesters that called themselves Love Activists and a war between them and the Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson along with Merseyside Police.  This was and still is a real war happening today, these sides really do exist. Operation Escrow is a secret taskforce employed by Merseyside Police to infiltrate this activist movement if it was not indeed created in the first place by them. This secret taskforce is real and exists, it was mentioned in Court in one of the cases involving a Love Activist member.  This book chronicles the factual events that prove and show how this secret police taskforce infiltrated and took over activist groups in Liverpool within the past five years. This book exposes some of those characters being used as assets for this secret taskforce in the North West of England today this is the story of Operation Escrow.

A copy of the book notes was previously leaked by an "activist" in the anti fracking scene known as Ste Spy a "police observer" convicted wife beater (ironically, he also took down videos exposing police informants in liverpool involved with antifa and anti fracking scene, lucky enough i have a copy or two) the Escrow Taskforce attempted to damage the books credibility before it was written by trying to gaslight me sadly for them i dont give a fuck, this is the real book, the real story told by a real activist who is not and will never be on the Police pay roll unlike some.

Police Officer "Paul Anthony" talking to me on twitter about being undercover in the bank


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